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A criminal defense investigator plays a vital role on your legal team. With an experienced, diligent criminal defense investigator on your team, you have better chances of being acquitted of any criminal charges brought against you. You need someone who is meticulous and thorough; someone who will follow-up on every lead he receives; someone who will interview witnesses; and someone who will assess the case in detail. The most successful criminal defense lawyers in the field are those who have a long history of working with these types of Investigators.

Criminal Defense Investigator

These days, there is a much greater emphasis on employing private investigators to gather evidence and to interview witnesses. It is becoming a common practice to hire private detectives to gather evidence against a client. These detectives may be employed by a criminal defense attorney to search for hidden witnesses, computers, secret emails, money or other items. These detectives can sometimes locate witnesses who have died, are dead, or have disappeared. Some private detectives specialize in a particular field of law such as investigating crimes against children, elderly individuals, or the mentally handicapped.

Our Orlando Private Investigators can often help you reduce your sentence by revealing information that has been overlooked by the police or prosecutors or uncovering new evidence. Criminal defense attorneys use private detectives to investigate a crime scene or to search for hidden evidence that would clear their client of wrongdoing. For example, if you are suspected of committing a rape, a forensic investigation of the scene can often reveal evidence that would have been overlooked by the police.

Our Orlando Private investigators can be very helpful to law firms, defense teams, and even individual clients. Often, it can take years for a conviction to be overturned based on faulty surveillance techniques. Forensic investigators can uncover these flaws in just a few minutes and often do so without damaging the credibility of the prosecution or the victim. This allows the criminal defense attorney to aggressively pursue evidence that will ultimately lead to the conviction of the suspect. Because private investigators have access to high tech surveillance equipment, they can reveal even nastier secrets that the prosecution was unaware of.

Private investigators can also help the defense attorney build a strong case by locating witnesses who are willing to come forward and testify against their co-worker. This evidence is essential when a defendant is tried before a judge or jury and is argued on the grounds of hearsay or direct testimony from a known source. Without witnesses to corroborate their story, the prosecution’s evidence becomes flimsy and less persuasive.

A criminal defense investigator may also be called upon to testify about the time frame in which the crime occurred. This crucial piece of evidence proves how the crime was committed and who was involved at the time of the commission of the crime. This type of evidence goes a long way towards proving the innocence of the defendant. Even if there are no witnesses to the occurrence of the crime, the information provided by the investigator and his or her follow up investigation provides irrefutable facts regarding the time frame and the involvement of the co-defendant or co-workers. Criminal investigators use a variety of surveillance tactics to acquire this important evidence.

The credibility of the investigator is critical to a criminal defense attorney’s ability to effectively represent his client. Investigators have an asset in the form of law enforcement contacts that they regularly utilize. Police detectives will regularly call on private investigators for the purpose of gathering evidence in an active crime scene area. In many instances, victims and their family members cannot obtain the physical proof that they need to bring justice to the crimes of which they have been the subject. For these reasons, many victims choose to contact an investigator instead.

The credibility of the investigator is crucial to the success of a criminal defense attorney’s performance of his or her client’s case. The testimony of an investigator can establish the innocence of the defendant or prove that he is guilty of the charged crime. The credibility of the investigator comes into play when a jury is being selected or when the case goes to trial. Many times the credibility of the criminal defense attorney is determined by the caliber of the witnesses that the criminal defense investigator calls to testify in court. Investigators are very seasoned when it comes to collecting witnesses from police departments, hospitals, fire departments, the media, etc. A good investigator knows how to locate potential witnesses that can help the criminal defense team build a strong case by utilizing all available tools.

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