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Our Orlando private investigators are specialists in gathering information for law enforcement agencies and other officials. Their job description includes gathering evidence to present in court. A private investigator may specialize in one specific area such as missing persons, child pornography, fraud, kidnapping, or business crimes. A private investigator and paralegal often consult with lawyers and attorneys about legal issues and conduct. Private investigators often work closely with police detectives and other law enforcement officers in executing investigations. Private detectives and investigators are calling in to provide investigative, communication support, and legal support to several types of businesses including:

What does a private investigator do

What does a private detective to do when hiring them? A private detective may work for a law firm, government agency, or privately for themselves. Most work in joint ventures or assignments where they are referred to as investigators or spies. Most private detectives receive specialized training in how to operate surveillance equipment. They are also trained to use computer and software to assist in their work. Most require extensive criminal background investigations and work under contract.

How do they get information? Private detectives collect facts by interviewing people and observing behaviors. To collect facts, detectives collect information from sources that are considered reliable. The most common sources of private detective information are sources that hire and retain them. Sources may include: friends, relatives, neighbors, lawyers, business owners, employees, financial institutions, tax assessors, bail bondsmen, and law enforcement officials.

Does private detective work for a private client only? Private detective work is often utilized by the government, law enforcement agencies, financial firms, insurance companies, hospitals, insurance agents, and missing persons’ organizations. Private detectives are sometimes used for corporate investigation for corporate crime matters, insider trading, or business frauds. Private investigation is also sometimes utilized by law enforcement agencies for missing persons cases, sex offender search, missing children cases, and kidnapping cases. Private investigators may also conduct background investigations on individuals and companies.

What does a private detective need special equipment and qualifications? Most private detectives will acquire the proper surveillance equipment required to carry out their work. These items include: video cameras, video recorders, writing equipment, and GPS technology. A good investigator will know how to use these items properly to obtain the most accurate and clear video images from the recorded tapes or videos. Depending upon the subject matter of the investigation, some investigators may require extra equipment such as a digital camera pointing device or GPS vehicle tracking technology.

Does a private detective work undercover? Yes. As stated earlier, a good investigator must be skilled in locating people who might not want the world to know they were being investigated. In order to go undercover, an investigator must dress in a way that gives the appearance that he or she is going to work on his or her case while dressed for the part. Additionally, an investigator who goes undercover is usually accompanied by a companion.

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