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What is a criminal defense investigator? A private investigator, an investigative agent, or private detective, is someone who may be employed by people, organizations or NGOs to undertake investigative services. Most private investigators also work as professional defense lawyers in criminal and civil cases. They have the training and knowledge to uncover evidence against a suspected wrongdoing and prepare their defense against prosecution.

The field of private investigation has evolved a lot over the years and many private detectives specialize in either one particular area of investigation or several. For instance, you may have a friend who is into stock market trading and he needs some help in the matter of investigating the recent corporate scandals. You could approach him and hire him for the job. He could act as your private detective and assist you in your investigations. He would be adept at tracking down information and at ensuring that the confidentiality of the information is maintained.

Another good example is your spouse or girlfriend. If you suspect your spouse of cheating on you with another woman, you could employ the services of a professional private detective to help you in your investigation. The private detective will do all the background investigation, gather the evidences and keep you informed about the proceedings. The main advantage of hiring a professional private detective rather than going it alone is that it saves time, money and you can rest assured knowing that your spouse is not cheating on you.

You can also choose a private detective agency to employ their services. Most private detectives are members of a trade organization and work exclusively for a specific company. There are numerous advantages when you work with an agency, ranging from the cost effectiveness to having multiple private detectives working for you. Agencies also provide specialized training to their employees in criminal defense, surveillance and forensics. You will therefore have one less task for your criminal defense attorney to accomplish.

Another great benefit when you hire a private detective agency is the assurance of quality of their work. You need to hire only the best and the most competent and trustworthy private detectives to get information you require. You will have the peace of mind that your private detective has done his homework and gotten information from reliable sources. The chances of getting faulty information or inaccurate data are almost non-existent. The agency will provide you with an extensive report which details all the findings and provides a conclusion.

Before you hire a detective agency, ensure that they have an online presence. This will give you a chance to view and review the services before taking a decision. You will also have the option of speaking to the detective and asking questions. They will provide you with a detailed answer and these answers will be documented. You can always cross-check the information provided by the detective with other resources to ensure that there is consistency.

Another service that a good detective agency will offer you is training and seminars. These seminars will train you how to use the Internet to your advantage as a criminal defense professional. You will be given the tools to access various databases and identify the right information that will prove beneficial to your case. You will also learn the different ways in which to conduct investigations and obtain information which may be in your favor during a court appearance.

Lastly, a good detective will have your best interest at heart. They will not reveal any confidential information regarding your case in any way. They will advise you on the best course of action and will be helpful when a court appearance does arise. Your lawyer will be able to review these documents and will advise you whether or not to proceed with a plea bargain. There are times when a criminal defense attorney will represent you will not need to hire a private detective because they will do all the work for you.