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A criminal defense investigator, a private investigator, or investigation agent, is someone who can be employed by individuals, organizations or NGOs to undertake investigative functions. Private detectives tend to work for lawyers in criminal and civil cases. Sometimes, the latter work out of the court room as advocates for their clients in cases of criminal conduct.

A defense investigator is one who undertakes investigations for criminal defense attorneys. They are often called upon to investigate any kind of crime, whether it involves an act of violence or fraud or some other serious crime. They can also be required to investigate matters concerning potential witnesses in a criminal trial.

A private investigator has several kinds of investigators available to him. He may either be former military personnel or a former law enforcement official. Many private investigators are former military personnel or former law enforcement officials. They may work in support of the military police as agents or spies. Others may engage in such activity as a means of making a living, a means of getting a second or even a third income, so that they may get a proper pension after retirement.

Another kind of investigator is that of a corporate security officer. These are people whose job it is to keep the corporate secrets safe from prying eyes. The corporate secrets of corporations can range from information on new products or companies to information on current or past shareholders. Corporate security officers have the responsibility of keeping corporate secrets from unauthorized individuals. This kind of investigator is required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in communications or a related field. Some other kinds of investigators employed by law firms include surveillance experts, lie detection specialists, computer forensic specialists, corporate attorneys, private investigators and secret agents.

The task of a corporate secret agent may not be as extreme as it seems. A lot of times, corporate executives and other high-ranking employees will hire a private investigator to ensure that confidential company information is kept secure at all times. A corporate secret agent can become an asset to a company just by hiring one. However, what if you want to be an investigator yourself? Before you make any commitments regarding employment, it is important to know the basics of becoming a private investigator.

Education is the first step to what is a criminal defense investigator. To become educated, you may want to enroll in some forensic science classes. After completing those classes, you should be prepared to become familiar with surveillance techniques, computer applications, interviewing techniques, fingerprinting techniques, handwriting analysis, DNA testing, police procedure, court reporting and deposition preparation, among other things. A degree in criminal justice is also beneficial.

Once you have completed your education and are ready to enter the professional world of what is a criminal defense investigator, it is time to get started. Be sure to check your local area for any state agencies that require training and licenses. If you do not have a law degree, you may want to consider obtaining a certificate in forensics. To obtain this certification, you must pass many intensive courses and have a year of internship under your belt. This will help boost your credentials and make you more eligible for employment.

What is a criminal defense investigator? You can work in a variety of environments and have many different positions. You may work in a government office, private firm, or in a law enforcement agency. Just remember that the positions that you hold are very crucial in the work environment. Take your time and find the position that will best fit your skills and education.