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A Defense Investigator can help you in two major ways, as a consultant and as a private detective. Consultation is when they assess your case and tell you their opinion on how it should be handled, then tell you how to proceed. Sometimes, this advice comes from within the legal system and other times it is an outside third party making that recommendation. The final decision is always yours. If a criminal lawyer is not involved, then the Defense Investigator will do most of the work.

how can a defense investigator help me

This is not a part time job. These people are employed by a Defense Investigator, who is a former government employee, police officer, or other law enforcement professional. The majority of their cases handled were DUI/DWI (driving while intoxicated/driving under the influence) cases. Cases where they are not retained by the Defense Investigator are often because they can not locate key witnesses, required evidence or are simply unable to complete the case in a timely manner. In those cases, they will leave it in the hands of a legal expert who is retained by the Defense Investigator.

As a private detective, the investigator will access any type of information they feel could benefit your case and present it for you in a legal way. They have extensive experience and training in uncovering hidden truth and using the legal system to protect the rights of the individual. This knowledge has made them extremely effective and they use it every day.

Often, the Private Investigators retained by the Defense Attorney’s office are privy to highly classified information not available to the public. This type of information can include; background checks, bankruptcies, lawsuits, detainment orders, legal documents, etc. When it comes to defending a client’s legal rights, information from a private investigator may be the determining factor in how successful the case is.

The investigators carefully review all data regarding your case and present it to the attorneys for you. They follow every letter of the law including the exemption laws. In the event that a criminal case goes to trial, the investigator will not only act as a witness for you but will also be a key player within the trial. Their testimony will spell out your innocence or guilt. Their work is truly remarkable.

If you are in a case such as assault, battery, or child molestation, the private investigator you hire will dig even further to uncover all the dirt on the opposing legal team. If you hire an investigator to dig for you, the result can be shocking. It may turn out the person who is accusing you is innocent. If it turns out the other way around, you can bet that the attorney’s office will fight vigorously to get you justice.

Private investigators are also adept at finding witnesses that will provide crucial testimony for your case. This is especially true if you happen to be accused of murder. You may be facing life in prison if the state has enough evidence to secure a conviction. Hiring a well-trained, highly skilled defense investigator can help ease your mind and give you peace of mind that your innocence is not in any danger. In addition, this kind of legal professional will make sure you receive fair treatment by the prosecutors.

A reputable defense investigator will have your best interest at heart and is willing to communicate openly with you about your case. If you are concerned about being charged with a crime you didn’t commit, a private investigator can let you know what you are legally allowed to discuss and protect your right to remain silent. They are also aware of state and local laws so that they don’t waste time or resources in a case that shouldn’t require the services of a private attorney. With their experience, they will ensure that you receive justice and the least amount of jail time possible.