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Orlando Private Investigators

How Do Private Investigators Help Employers With Background Checks and Employment Verification?

Private Investigators aren’t like the detectives you see on TV. To really understand the challenges presented by this type of Orlando private investigator, look into the diverse areas of Winter Park and Winter Gardens. There are many areas where these investigators serve. The following are the main areas in Orlando where private investigators investigate:

Surveillance Whether it’s a nanny watching over children in a daycare, kids at an after-school program or protecting a home and family from invasion, surveillance is often the name used for Orlando private investigators. They may do just a simple surveillance or build a bigger and more elaborate surveillance system. This may involve looking into a cheating spouse or finding out who has been calling your teen daughter’s phone. Surveillance isn’t only done to catch people in the act; many times it is to keep an eye on the safety of loved ones or pets. The bottom line is that Orlando private detectives have to be able to build and maintain a large surveillance system and keep it up to date at all times.

Interviewing The main job of Florida private investigators is to interview people. They learn as much about a person as possible without directly talking to them. The reason why they aren’t allowed to talk to the subjects is because most subjects tend to lie. The information that can be gained from an interview with a subject, however, is incredible.

Background Checks Another area in which Orlando private investigators excel is background checks. They do all types of investigative services such as criminal records, birth, death and marriage records. Anything from this point allows them to build a profile of a person. They can then find out if they have a criminal history, which may give them the peace of mind they need to feel safe when they are around someone new. Also, having the ability to do background searches, including criminal records, puts Orlando private investigators ahead of the game.

Surveillance With all of the resources that Orlando private investigators have, they have the ability to setup multiple surveillance systems. From hidden cameras, to GPS monitoring, there are a number of different surveillance tools that work together to provide the kind of detailed reports that any employer would require. Surveillance not only provides information about a subject, but it also keeps employers from hiring someone who has a criminal background, while also providing information about the employees that they are allowing into their company’s property. In child custody cases for example, it is common for parents to want to know the background of any person that they are hiring to be in their home with their children.

Background Checks The final service that almost every private investigator offers are background checks. Most private investigators will obtain background reports on any potential employees or people that they will consider hiring for any reason. These reports can reveal anything from bankruptcies to arrests and convictions, and even sexual abuse or child abuse. Any piece of information that can show an applicant has a past, including employment and education information can be obtained by a Florida private investigator.

All of these services work together to help employers make the best hiring decisions possible. Employers and private investigators alike can both gain a lot of information that they need to make the right hiring decisions. Both are interested in gaining access to the most accurate and up-to-date information that is available, and use that information to their advantage. Both are involved in the investigation process, as well as providing background checks and employment verification.

Video Surveillance While many employers only utilize traditional surveillance, Orlando private investigators offer video surveillance as well. This kind of technology allows an Orlando private investigator to monitor the activity inside and outside of a building, as well as to capture images from any given area. Many companies are trying to cut down on costs and get as much productivity as possible, so video surveillance is becoming a common addition to many projects. While video surveillance cannot always catch everything, it can usually provide a good overview of what is going on. These services can also be helpful to keep employees and customers safe.