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Today, there are many career options for Criminal Defense Investigators in California. These include a private investigative practice or an Internet based private investigation/security firm. Private investigators can investigate a variety of criminal matters including white collar crimes, corporate crime, financial crimes, sex crimes, child pornography, theft, fraud and even public corruption. DIA training is a must for anyone interested in becoming a private investigator. This is because all state employees perform background checks on new applicants and criminal defense investigators have to be thoroughly trained on how to perform surveillance on people and document their findings.

Criminal Defense Investigators

Training is required for all California criminal defense investigators and all California prison inmates. The DIA will not hire a person unless they receive the proper training to gather and document evidence. As a private investigative professional you will be paid for each case you locate and secure tangible proof that your client is innocent.

Private investigators are usually employed by public defenders or other law firms. Their job is to investigate crimes such as murder, arson, homicide, child abuse and more. A conviction for any felony will result in an expensive legal case. Therefore, all California criminal defense attorneys and law enforcement personnel rely on criminal defense investigators to provide solid evidence against their clients.

It is up to the public defender or county attorney to order a criminal defense investigator to follow up on any tip they receive. The investigator then follows up on the tip and documents it. The investigator’s report is then submitted to the public defender or county attorney. The report is used as evidence in court. If the case is weak and the public defender does not win the case, the evidence gathered by the criminal defense investigators is used in court to help the public defender obtain the conviction they desire.

Today there are many nationally recognized private investigator training programs available to provide training to law enforcement and criminal defense investigators. Some of these training programs offer certificate programs, associate degrees, bachelor degrees and master degrees. A reputable program will meet the requirements of the U.S. Department of Justice. They will also provide the necessary training for participating in state and local criminal defense investigations.

Criminal defense investigators are needed in all areas of the country. Many federal, state and local law enforcement personnel use criminal defense investigators to gather important evidence in all types of investigations. Federal law enforcement personnel include agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Some state law enforcement personnel also use private investigators for different types of investigations. Some state law enforcement personnel prefer to work with experienced, nationally recognized private investigators because they have a specialized skill set that is needed in investigating a variety of cases.

Some federal enforcement personnel prefer working with criminal defense investigators that are also members of the National Association of Inspectors General. This is because these members are thoroughly trained in the collection and preservation of evidence as well as the interviewing of witnesses. All criminal investigation agents must be thoroughly knowledgeable about the various types of tools and equipment that are used to collect evidence and the methods of communication that are utilizing to gather evidence. They must understand the surveillance techniques that are commonly used by law enforcement officials and the various court practices that are commonly used in criminal investigations.

In some states an indigent defendant may be able to receive court-appointed legal representation (CAD) from the state indigent defense attorneys. The public defender’s system provides indigent defendants with free legal representation and advice, and in many instances, the attorney is attached to the court system. However, if the public defender is not available in your particular jurisdiction, then you may wish to contact an experienced private investigator to obtain your own court-appointed legal representation. A quality attorney will know all of the intricacies of the criminal justice system, have experience working with prosecutors and police, and be familiar with the local court processes that will be required for you to receive a fair trial.