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Orlando Private Investigators

Investigative Services for Orlando, Florida and Orange County

Private investigators are unlike the detectives you see on TV. To better comprehend the challenges posed by this profession in the areas of Winter Park, Oviedo, Lake Nona, Celebration, Ovedo and Baldwin Park ponder the following. A private investigator (PI) may have to go undercover as an employee at a bank, department store, grocery store, restaurant, hotel or casino. He or she has to pretend to be a customer so as to gather information about the person behind the company’s line of credit. A private investigator also has to acquire information from a variety of people – customers, employees and suspects.

Private Investigators specialize in several areas. They have to investigate a variety of individuals and organizations such as: real estate companies, attorneys, insurance policies, banks, casinos, celebrities, missing persons, terrorists, corporate security officers, hit-and-run accidents, frauds and civil suits. Based upon your assignment, Orlando private investigators have to utilize a range of investigative tools and techniques. The primary tools used by investigators include computer-aided research (CDR), telephone interviews, surveillance, GPS tracking and video surveillance. Here are some additional areas where they can be utilized:

Conducting background check: Florida is a no-fault state when it comes to carrying out criminal background checks. As a private investigator with years of experience in Florida, I know that there are specific procedures to be followed in order to conduct a criminal background check. You have to identify the person and obtain a copy of their driving records, residential status, any court records, any felonies and sex offenses and any other relevant information. In Florida, the private investigator does not disclose the client information, even if he or she is a former employee or business partner. In other words, the information provided to a potential client is kept secure.

Tracking down someone you love or just want to track down: If you have become a victim of infidelity, there are specific Florida private investigators that operate only in this state to recover evidence and collect witnesses for civil litigation. This is because Florida is a no-fault state when it comes to carrying out criminal investigations. If you have recently been victimized by someone you feel may be a criminal, your best move is to hire a local private investigation agency to investigate the suspect. Your best defense in a criminal investigation is to have proof, and Florida private investigators have tools and techniques that allow us to do just that.

Investigating suspicious business activities: Many businesses, especially those with a high overhead, will engage in questionable business activities in an effort to increase their bottom line. For example, a doctor or dentist may give anesthesia to a patient who is under anesthesia in order to perform surgery. However, if you notice that this has been happening more often than usual, you may wish to have your business investigated to determine whether or not this is being done properly. Private investigators or a reputable Florida private investigation agency can go to the bottom of any activity that seems fishy.

Surveillance tactics: We live in an extremely visual culture. You may not even be aware of the existence of cameras located around your neighborhood. However, this does not mean that your home, business, or people around you are safe from surveillance. Private investigators or a reputable Florida private investigation agency will use their surveillance equipment and resources to ensure your safety.

Background investigations: Sometimes cheating spouses, criminals, and terrorist cells are thought to move to another area or country. In order to keep yourself and your family safe, you may wish to hire Florida private investigators or a local surveillance agency to conduct investigations in these areas. These investigations can help provide the information needed to determine your family’s situation. A background check is one way that this can be done.

There are many, Florida and Orange county investigative services that you can hire. Finding the right one for the job can take some time, but when you do, expect to have results that are both timely and valuable. Hiring a private investigator service is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. The benefits that follow can help protect you and your family for years to come.