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Orlando Private Investigators

How Do I Know I’m Using The Right Orlando Private Investigators For My Job?

If you’re looking for quality, guaranteed results, low cost solutions, then Orlando Private Investigators may be the best choice for you. With an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction, top-rated investigators and a variety of resources, we can help you find the information you need quickly and easily. With many years of experience, top-notch investigators, and an unbeatable network of resources, we’re the most efficient, trustworthy, and creative private investigation company based in Orlando, Florida. We provide the following to our clients:

Comprehensive Background Checks. As a private investigator, your most important responsibility is to thoroughly investigate your subject’s background to determine their credibility and reliability. By performing background checks on potential subjects, we can establish whether they are telling the truth about their backgrounds and personal history. For Orlando private investigators, we perform meticulous background checks that include national, state, local, and city records, public records databases, and credit reports.

Surveillance Techniques. We utilize state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to acquire solid evidence and video surveillance techniques. We can assist in determining motive, method, and place of event, and monitor your subject throughout the operation. In the corporate realm, we can utilize hidden cameras, video surveillance, secret cameras, GPS trackers, wiretapping and other hacking devices, and cell phone spying to uncover everything from misspelled emails to a cheating spouse. In the legal arena, we employ surveillance tactics including secretly video taping meetings, handwriting samples, voice recordings, phone calls, and more.

Expertise and References. The work of an Orlando private investigator requires an extensive network of sources to gather intelligence and perform crucial follow-ups. Sources from within the industry, government agencies, law firms, academia, hospitals, private investigators, banks, credit unions, funeral homes, title companies, and real estate brokers are a few we frequently employ in our investigations. A reputable private investigator also employs forensic and computer technology experts, handwriting and DNA analysis specialists, investigators with extensive experience in various law enforcement agencies, psychologists, psychiatrists, motivational speakers, and numerous other professionals to help us build our case.

Surveillance Techniques. In our opinion, the most important resource in an investigation is surveillance technique. Both the objectives and methods of each investigation are determined by it. In Orlando private investigators use different techniques to gather evidence. We have found surveillance to be the most effective way of finding out what is really happening. It is often more effective than interviewing witnesses or examining computers.

Tracking Methods. The majority of private investigators in Florida utilize GPS trackers. We’ve had great success conducting electronic surveillance (cell phone monitoring) using these trackers. This gives us the ability to follow a subject and follow their activities wherever they go.

Background Checks. In our line of work, we’ve discovered that a thorough background check is crucial to any investigation. Without the proper background checks, it’s nearly impossible to verify the “proof” of a crime claim. Private investigators in Florida to conduct criminal background checks on potential subjects to help ensure your safety. If you hire an Orlando private investigator, he or she will do these background checks for you as well as perform fingerprint searches and take photos of anyone who we find may be suspicious.

In the past, we utilized surveillance, interviews, document collection, investigative questioning and interviews as our main methods of uncovering facts. However, as we’ve reviewed and experienced working with our local private investigators in Florida, we’ve discovered there are many advantages to utilizing the services of a private investigation agency. For example, we’ve found obtaining documents, fingerprints, photos and surveillance footage from a crime victim to be a great benefit to our clients. With this service, we can ensure that our clients receive full documentation of crimes committed against them.