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Have you ever been involved in a criminal case that required the services of a reputable Defense investigator? If so, then you are probably aware of how much your time and money can be consumed while preparing for your upcoming trial. In most instances the case will proceed to trial, long before you have a chance to adequately prepare a strong defense. Even if you have enough attorney, it is a waste of time to hire a private detective whose fees are far beyond your budget.

how can a defense investigator help me

There are several benefits to hiring a professional Defense investigator. The first is that a qualified investigator’s work is guaranteed to reveal anything that will help you avoid jail time, or lessen the severity of your sentence. Most criminal cases end with a year or less in prison, but some go years without even a hearing by a judge. This is because investigators uncover information that the prosecution’s lawyers failed to find. Many times a good investigator can catch the criminal acts before they are done, which greatly reduces the amount of time spent in prison.

In addition to uncovering criminal acts, a competent investigator’s job will include interviewing witnesses. This step alone may save you from a lifetime of pain and suffering, and it certainly won’t cost you anything. Unfortunately, most witnesses do not talk. They simply sit in an interview room and speak only to their lawyers. You can cut through that by finding an investigator who is willing to do simultaneous interviews with you.

How can a defense investigator help me? Well, as I stated above, an investigator’s work is guaranteed to reveal anything that will help you avoid a prison sentence. However, they will also help you retain a strong defense if you are found guilty. To be considered for a good investigation, you should be mature, honest, and willing to cooperate with the defense. Do not hesitate to offer your true story even if it goes against the prosecutors’ version of events.

How do I find an investigator? Your best bet is to ask around friends, relatives, acquaintances, and former law enforcement personnel are often happy to share information with you. Another option is to check the Internet. Several websites specialize in the employment of criminal investigators, and some sites require minimal information such as age, education, and degree obtained.

Do not let a lack of funds prevent you from using an investigator. Most companies will work with private individuals, even if you have limited funds. As long as you have legal advice, access to money, and a desire to clear your name, you are likely to meet with success. If you are worried about the possibility of being charged with a crime you did not commit, the investigator can advise you on ways to plead your innocence. These services are usually very affordable.

I am a witness. If you have been called as a witness to a criminal trial or investigation, an investigator can be your defense team. These professionals are experienced at finding witnesses who will say the opposite of the prosecutor’s claims. Hiring an investigator can help you receive the closure you deserve.

If you find yourself in a situation that involves the police, but would like to avoid spending time in jail, you can contact your local defense attorney for advice. Most defense attorneys offer free consultation to potential clients and often use an investigator to gather the necessary information. Since you are not the criminal, you will not spend any more time in jail. To learn more about hiring an investigator to protect your rights, visit the website below.