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As a former small business owner, I always thought that hiring an experienced Defense Inspector would put me in the competitive advantage to compete with the other small businesses. How can a Defense Inspector help me win my case? Well, I am glad you asked because this article is going to explain to you how a Defense Inspector can help me win my case. We’ll discuss the common problems facing small businesses, and then we’ll provide some tips for how can a defense investigator help me solve my case.

how can a defense investigator help me

The most common problem faced by the Defense Inspector is the lack of effective communications between the Defense Attorney and the Prosecution. This is the 1 biggest obstacle for any successful prosecution. Often, the Defense Attorney has some good information about the key issue, but lacks the capability to communicate that information to the Prosecution. Communication is the key to solving any problem, and this is what will ultimately save your clients money, time and ultimately their liberty. So, what can a Defense Inspector do to help me solve this problem? I’m glad you ask!

I have many clients who come to me with problems related to the cost of a case, or perhaps they don’t understand that they can save money and time by contacting a Defense Inspector instead of a Prosecution Attorney. In my years of practice, I have observed many problems regarding prosecutors not communicating with the defense and sometimes even trying to prejudice the jury. The cost to the client can be extreme when it comes to prosecuting a case without an Inspector finding out these issues beforehand. Additionally, the trial may never occur if the Defense Inspector finds the underlying problem before hand. By having an independent person review your case, you may save yourself months of time, and a lot of money!

The other problem, the Defense Inspector can help me solve is the Prosecution’s inability to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Some States allow a “smoking gun” defense to be used at trial, which is a smoking gun that can be used to show that the defendant was not involved in the crime. Unfortunately, most States do not allow this type of evidence, and having an expert witness to review the case can help my clients win their case.

Often times, Defense Attorneys becomes frustrated because they are not able to present their case in front of a Jury. Sometimes they feel as if the Prosecution is relying on mere hearsay, or perhaps relying on circumstantial evidence to build their case against their client. While these things may happen in some cases, more often than not they are the result of the Prosecution failing to obtain proper evidence in order to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. This is where the knowledge and experience of a Defense Investigator can be very helpful!

Typically, a Defense Investigator will begin by interviewing a Prosecution Attorney and then interviewing any witnesses that were interviewed by the Prosecution. Once all of the evidence is gathered, the investigator will compile it into a report for your client to review. From there, the attorney will be able to review the report, and make his/her own opinion regarding whether or not their client’s case should be tried. Obviously, this opinion will not be shared with the prosecutor, but it certainly can be provided to the judge and jury.

Often times, I am able to employ the services of a specialized criminal defense attorney who will act as a private Defense Investigator. My job as a Defense Investigator is to review the entire case file, gather intelligence information, interview key witnesses, gather intelligence data and intelligence reports and then conduct follow-up visits to potential evidence sources, in order to assess the actual case in question. Along with other tools that are provided to me by my Expert Witness, these investigations help me to build my case and devise my strategy. This strategy is based on my experience as a former Defense Attorney, as well as my expertise as a self-defense consultant, and my goal is to assist my clients, in any way possible, in avoiding jail time, having the appropriate criminal charges reduced, or eliminating the most severe charges. As a former Defense Attorney, I am very aware of the importance of building a strong defense by utilizing every tool at our disposal.

When a criminal defense client is charged with a felony, it is vital that they retain an investigator that will build their case. An investigator will not only help the defense build their case, they will also keep the criminal charged away from jail while they are investigated, as well as perform all other necessary tasks related to the case. If you have been accused of a crime or have any questions pertaining to your case, please contact a private investigator immediately!