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Investigators who work for criminal defense lawyers gather evidence for criminal defense lawyers to utilize during criminal trials. They play a significant role in resolving cases that involve the police, the prosecuting attorney, or both. They are usually responsible for filling many of a criminal defense lawyer’s investigative and research needs. The typical steps involved when investigating a case are interviewing witnesses, gathering background information on potential subjects, and examining the physical evidence contained in police files.

Criminal Defense Investigators

There are many different types of criminal defense investigators. Some focus on intelligence investigations; others conduct undercover surveillance. Private investigators often serve as the main funding source for their teams. These investigators often use a combination of techniques to gather evidence and present their findings in court.

Most state and local law enforcement personnel have the responsibility to investigate crimes. Because of this, they often contact private investigators to assist them in completing their investigation tasks. A criminal defense investigator is not an employee of law enforcement. This means that he is not entitled to protection under the whistleblower laws that protect government employees from retribution for blowing the whistle on wasteful activities by law enforcement personnel.

Private investigators need to interview potential witnesses. After completing the interview, the investigator will compile a report. The report is then provided to the law enforcement personnel assigned to the case. This method can be time-consuming and expensive. For this reason, many criminal defense investigators prefer to work directly with the client, allowing them to spend more time developing the case rather than arranging witness interviews.

Criminal defense investigators may also provide new witnesses with additional information that is not available from police reports or criminal reports. For example, many witnesses will not volunteer information to law enforcement officials. Even though it may be true, the client may prefer to remain quiet rather than speak to the media about an event that has occurred. Criminal defense investigators can use other methods to obtain this information. They can, for example, obtain old police reports that have not been released due to privacy concerns. Using new information obtained from other sources, the defense investigator can present the new evidence to the prosecutor in hopes that the evidence will be helpful in getting the case dismissed or reduced.

New investigative techniques are also becoming popular among criminal defense investigators. This includes surveillance. This surveillance technique allows the defense and prosecution to follow the suspect throughout his day and obtain details of where he goes and who he talks to. Although this kind of surveillance is commonly used by law enforcement, this particular method is usually reserved for more serious criminal cases and is usually reserved for the most serious of cases.

Sometimes attorneys will ask their clients to do an interview with various individuals that they believe will be important players in the case. Criminal investigators know how to interview potential witnesses. By carefully interviewing the potential witnesses, detectives can discover any lies that the suspect may have told the grand jury. Once this discovery is made, the criminal investigator can use it to help build a strong case against their client.

With all the new evidence and information that a private investigator may uncover, it is often possible for the defendant to plead guilty before the trial begins. The new evidence can help the defendant to convince the judge and the jury to sentence him to a shorter prison sentence or a lighter sentence. In some instances, the new evidence may also be enough to get the defendant to be excluded from any future criminal proceedings. If you, a friend or a family member are facing serious charges, it is important to consult with a skilled criminal defense attorney to find out what options you have.