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What is Orlando cell phone forensics? Well, that was the title of a blog I wrote awhile back and I thought it deserved a bit more explanation. When someone goes on the internet, they are most likely to do some searching to try and find out what the term ‘cell phone’ means. When I typed it into one of the search engines, literally thousands of different sites popped up. Some of them offered free services and others charged a fee for the information.

Orlando cell phone forensics

Cell phone forensics can refer to much more than just testing a digital phone message for its digital content. It’s a bit like computer forensics too. For instance, you could very easily test an image file or a program file with a cell phone to see if it’s malicious or not. This is just one example of what Orlando digital forensics specialists are capable of doing.

So now we know what a cell phone forensic investigation is. How about an Orlando cell phone forensics team? There are actually several types of forensics that an Orlando cell tower forensics team would be best suited for. You could choose from digital cellular data (DCT) analysis, digital cellular voice (DCP) analysis and computer network security (CNS). The team could also specialize in other areas as well.

Computer forensics professionals are the folks that analyze computer systems for signs of malware, viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms and other malicious programs. They could also recover lost data or extract hard drive data. Computer forensics is the domain of the experts – experienced analysts that work for the companies that employ them. A computer forensics team might also specialize in a certain region of expertise, such as virus proliferation analysis for large corporations or corporate policies.

When a criminal is trying to get away with something, their method of escape is usually by using a cell phone. That’s why the Orlando cell phone forensics team is very good at finding and examining cellular devices. Some of the tools that the Orlando digital forensics team has available for use include computer imaging and data extraction tools. Once on a cell phone they can read all the incoming and outgoing SMS text messages.

Other tools that an Orlando cell phone forensics team may use includes a digital phone trace, which is a means of intercepting text messages. You have to take out the battery before you can do this kind of investigation. Most of the time you can catch someone in the act of sending a text message by the way of an email or instant messenger. Once you have obtained the email address and the username, you will have to go through the text messages that are sent and then reconstruct what was sent in the first place. Sometimes it may be difficult because the person may change their password often.

The other type of digital forensics that an Orlando cell phone forensics team will use is malware. Malware is any program or tool that works with the intent of getting a financial or personal information from the computer. It can be a virus, Trojans, worms or anything else which may be programmed to gather data from the computer without authorization. There are some kinds of malware that can be programmed to send out phishing emails or pop-up ads and there are others which can actually install a key logger on the computer system of the user in order to record all types of typing going on. If you are going to hire the services of an Orlando digital forensics team, make sure they can perform this type of investigation as well.

Digital forensics professionals can also be called in if there is any type of physical evidence such as photographs, videos or any other form of data which is created by the criminal through his or her computer. In many cases, all that you need is a computer and an internet connection. Once the investigator is able to acquire this connection, he or she will be able to look up the data and see if anything is worth investigating. This is why it’s important for you to have the right person to hire for your digital forensics investigation. It could save your life.