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The Orlando Computer Forensics Lab serves the entire metropolitan area providing expert witness service in civil and criminal litigation, corporate security and investigations, mobile device data recovery and mobile phone forensics. They are experts at recovering deleted or lost data from smart phones, PDAs, laptops and other electronic devices. The labs offer state-of-the-art equipment and are fully equipped to conduct the most complex computer related investigations. They use cutting edge technology including digital media extraction and database management. Their work encompasses performing a full computer forensics analysis, document recovery, computer crimes against computers, intellectual property crime and viral outbreaks.

Orlando Computer forensics

They are fully prepared to assist you with your computer forensics needs whether it involves national, state or local jurisdiction. They offer both onsite and offsite investigation services. The investigative team at the Orlando Computer Forensics Lab consists of highly skilled analysts who are computer forensic specialists and are available to take your case all the way to trial if necessary. All the needed tools are onsite, as well, including computers, testing equipment, cell phones, USB drives, thumb drives, etc.

Other services offered include: document recovery, computer forensic services, and credit card fraud investigation. In addition, they provide a number of specialty services, including: insurance claim processing, real-time information delivery, advanced cellular and network forensic analysis, state of the art digital imaging and scanning. They utilize a variety of computer investigation techniques and tools to ensure that their customers have accurate evidence and are able to present that evidence in a strong legal position. Each of these techniques has been thoroughly reviewed and refined through years of trial practice and case studies. They use cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to ensure a thorough investigation.

What kind of evidence can an Orlando computer forensics investigations company analyze? The experts at this company can examine hard drives, data cards, email service providers, telephone lines, cell phones, home phones, pagers, Blackberries, and other electronic devices. The specialists also can analyze the data received from these devices. Additionally, they can analyze documents that have been deleted, hard drive refills, and other data recovery methods. This means that they can determine the types of files, the content of the documents, and other pertinent information about the suspect.

Some of the techniques the Orlando forensics professionals utilize are often used by specialized law enforcement agencies, federal agencies, and the intelligence community. For example, cyber breach investigations require the investigators to obtain a search warrant or national security letter from the U.S. Department of Justice. If the suspected offending party fails to give the investigative team authorization to proceed with the investigation, then the investigations will be considered classified and the information the FBI wants to learn cannot be obtained. Because of this, only very experienced computer forensics investigators with extensive training in both national security letter and the laws regarding computer crime are allowed to conduct cyber breach investigations. Only those highly trained investigators with years of experience and outstanding skill in both computer forensics and law enforcement will be able to effectively execute these complex investigations.

Another area of specialty within the field of computer forensics is forensic documentation of computer related crimes. Many times, an investigator involved in infidelity investigations, for example, is called upon to testify in court about the nature of e-mails, chats, phone calls, text messages, and other digital trails the suspect leaves behind. The investigator may also be called upon to describe what happens during these conversations, how the suspect erases files, and what digital devices he/she uses. This is often extremely important due to privacy concerns, and laws surrounding the examination of electronic devices.

In order to get the best results from these types of infidelity investigations, it is important for the investigator to understand and know the proper procedure for each step of the process. Computer forensics specialists who are hired by either state law enforcement agencies or federal agencies, then work as part of a team to collect and organize evidence from several locations. Once the evidence has been collected and organized, it is then processed through a filing system that assigns it a particular crime category. Some of the typical crimes associated with digital evidence forensics include: kidnapping, sexual assault, parental child abuse, voyeurism, pornography, fraud, identity theft, and computer fraud.

In order to successfully complete these complex investigations, it is important that all of the necessary tools and skills are available. There are numerous companies in the Orlando, Florida area that hire qualified computer forensics investigators. Reputable Orlando computer forensics professional will have several certifications that can show he/she has received specialized training in this area. These types of certifications include Certified Computer Examiner, Certified Forensics Analyst, Certified Private Detective, and Certified Law Enforcement Detective. All of these certifications require specific training and testing before one is certified. In order to be a successful Orlando computer forensics professional, it is important that an individual is willing to invest the time and effort to receive specialized training.