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how can a defense investigator help me

How Can a Defense Investigator Help Me?

When a criminal defense attorney is defending their client, they need all the help they can get. Defense investigators not only provide information that can make a strong case for their client. They are there to help them build a strong defense. What many attorneys do not understand is the importance of an investigator. Defense investigators have the tools and knowledge to find hidden evidence and to determine the innocence or guilt of their clients. There are a few reasons to hire an investigator to help you with your case.

If a case goes to trial, an investigator will dig up hidden evidence and obtain testimony from witnesses to build their case. Without the help of an investigator, a lawyer would be limited in what they can present to their client. The majority of people believe that testimony is not going to hold up in court, but this could not be further from the truth. While expert testimony does stand up in court, there are many cases where testimony from an investigator could sway the jury. Sometimes a simple witness can tip the scales in the defendant’s favor.

If a defendant does not have the money necessary to hire an investigator, they could use money they have saved for legal fees. Often times people will find that hidden evidence is at their home, car or any other place they keep personal documents. It is very possible for evidence to be found without even trying. Hiring an investigator can help take the mystery out of a case.

If a trial goes to a jury trial, an investigator can even pose as a juror. This can be dangerous for the defense attorney, because if the defendant thinks they will be able to win the case, they may ask a juror question. This will give the defense attorney ammunition to argue against the charges against their client. It is always important to have a defense investigator on your side, even if it costs you a little extra money.

Investigators can interview witnesses and obtain other types of evidence such as secret photographs. They are able to dig up information about a crime or evidence that has been hidden or destroyed. Sometimes they are even able to discover deleted text messages or phone records. These are information that an attorney would have to pay a private investigator to obtain. It can cost hundreds of dollars to obtain information, especially in a civil case.

Investigators are a great asset for a criminal defense attorney, because they can use their training to find hidden evidence. Many times attorneys will hide evidence or use illegal methods to frame their client. When a defense investigator discovers these methods they can alert their client and turn this around to their advantage. The investigator will also know how to frame a conversation and put a person at ease. The investigator will bring new and exciting ways to build a case that the attorney is sure to win.

Even though an investigator is paid to find evidence, they do not do it for the sake of winning cases. Many times they are called in to help clients resolve disputes that involve other people such as divorce or custody. When a case involves property or money, an investigator may be asked to investigate who has the rightful ownership of the property. If the client is unsure who has the right to a certain asset they can have an investigator to look into it for them. This can prevent legal issues from occurring during the course of a trial.

When a case is resolved satisfactorily and there are no problems, an investigator will often be offered the chance to continue his or her service for the opposing side. If the attorney is satisfied with the services provided then this option may not exist. In some states there are paid investigators who work solely for the attorney. In other states an attorney and an investigator are both needed for a successful case.