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Criminal Defense Investigators

Criminal Defense Investigation

Criminal Defense Investigators (CDFI) are non-hired, independent professionals that gather evidence and intelligence for a criminal defense attorney’s case from any place that the criminal may choose to visit. While the prosecution typically has several investigators (e.g., police detectives, court reporters, and prosecutors) on hand, many defendants also gamble with the assumption that they will not need the assistance of a CDF if they cannot afford a private investigator. This is simply not true. A CDF can often be available for an hourly rate. Additionally, CDF services do not require any knowledge of law or any experience with cases. If the defendant wishes to pursue a case in which a private investigator would not be helpful, he or she can seek a court-ordered attorney instead.

Criminal defense attorneys utilize criminal defense investigators (CDFI) to conduct witness interviews and to review surveillance videotape. CDF auditors travel to the place of the alleged crime and perform all the necessary witness interviews; video footage is also reviewed by a forensic interviewer. This interview is used to determine the type of criminal act was committed, the time and place of the event, and any direction the criminal took between the commission of the act and the discovery of evidence or testimony. CDF interviews and footage are then introduced at trials.

State investigators are usually commissioned by the state attorney’s office and are employed for a specific set of purposes. The most common function of state investigators is to conduct examinations of alleged perpetrators or victim, collect evidence, and collect witnesses to provide testimony. A CDF can be used in virtually any part of the investigation process as long as it does not interrupt the work of the actual investigator or jeopardize the case. In fact, many state investigators enjoy the flexibility to conduct meetings, interview witnesses, conduct surveillance, or gather any information at anytime, as long as they have not been notified that a grand jury is considering charging the individual with a crime.

Many states have rules and regulations regarding investigations by criminal defense investigators. These regulations usually include the permission of a person being questioned, written or oral permission to be present during the interview, the right to remain silent or to consult with a lawyer, the right to record the interview, the right to an attorney of choice, the right to appear at any proceeding related to the investigation, and the right to representation. Some states also have rules and regulations that govern the use of transcripts or reports of interviews, the filing of fees, the furnishing of documents relevant to the investigation, and the admissibility of the reports and transcripts in a court of law. All of these rules and regulations may vary from state to state.

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Attorneys at this firm have vast experience in preparing criminal defense cases from all over the United States and even overseas. They have a strong track record of winning cases for their clients, as well as many settlements out of court. In fact, many investigators maintain a 100% winning percentage in criminal cases. The criminal defense team at this firm is committed to providing the best defense for their clients. If you want to be absolutely sure that your rights are protected, this is the lawyer for you. They will work aggressively on your behalf and fight for your innocence until you are completely cleared of any wrongdoing by the prosecution.

A private investigator can be an asset to anyone facing criminal charges. Most private investigators are former police officers and former law enforcement personnel. They may even be former soldiers that never allowed their service to be dishonored. When choosing an investigator, it is important to look at his or her track record. There are many trustworthy private investigators out there, however there are also many that will scam you out of your money. It is important to do thorough research and interview potential investigators before hiring one.

Hiring reputable and experienced investigators will guarantee that you get the justice you deserve. Often times, defense investigators can prove to be invaluable since their reports can help to prove your innocence. Since most investigators are extremely professional and thorough, they can track down vital information that can prove your innocence and get the charges against you dismissed. The most important thing is to ensure that you choose an investigator who is trustworthy and reliable. Only then will your criminal defense investigation be successful.