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What is a criminal defense investigator

What is a Criminal Defense Investigator?

What is a criminal defense investigator? A criminal investigator, private detective, an investigator, or investigation agent, is someone who is able to hire people, teams or NGOs to undertake investigative criminal justice services. Private investigators specialize in many areas of criminal justice, including but not limited to investigations, intelligence, corporate security, skip tracing, witness protection, secret witness extraction and prosecution of criminals through unconventional methods. Many private investigators also work as corporate security officers for corporations.

A criminal defense lawyer is an attorney who defends clients accused of committing crimes. In defense, he will: provide legal advice, advise his/her client on his/her rights and options, present mitigating circumstances and present alternative measures to the charged offense. A defense attorney can also serve as an investigator or agent provocateur. In this role, he will try to bring about a situation in which the defendant’s release from imprisonment would likely result.

What is a corporate security officer (CSO)? A CSO is a corporate security officer is a professional employed by large corporations and other government organizations such as the CIA, FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Their job is to protect corporate secrets, assets, personnel and operations by conducting surveillance and performing secretarial duties. They communicate with foreign counterparts, guard against international terrorist attacks and coordinate counter-narcotics activities. CSOs carry out investigations, intelligence gathering and sharing with other law enforcement agencies and the military.

What is an on-site investigator? An on-site investigator is a private investigator working for a defense lawyer or law firm. He/she may spend weeks and months at the site of the case, interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, tracking down potential witnesses and performing background research on key players.

What is an emergency investigator? An emergency investigator is a specialized investigator specialising in emergency crime scenes, terrorism investigations and high risk crimes. These investigators may have previous investigative experience but are not lawyers. They typically command very high fees because their work is very detailed, time-consuming and risky. An emergency investigator may require specialist training and in some jurisdictions must be licensed.

What is an information management consultant? An information management consultant (IMC) is a legal professional who is engaged in obtaining, consolidating and coordinating information related to a legal case. They manage databases and communications in a law firm or anywhere else. Information management consultants perform their role in several ways including planning and organizing meetings, assessing and controlling communications and reviewing documents. They also compile court dockets, organize discovery and prepare response letters.

What is a public defender? A public defender is a legal professional who is admitted to practice before the state’s court of appeals and is licensed by the state supreme court. They represent indigents, poor people, persons guilty of misdemeanours or even those accused of crime in a criminal court of law. Public defenders are usually employed by the state for low-budget or no-win no-fee lawsuits and are funded partly through compulsory premiums paid by defendants. Some states provide public defenders to all accused of criminal acts; others contract with private law firms to supply such representation.

What is a corporate security officer? A corporate security officer (CSO) is an agent of a law firm, defense contractor or insurer who provides secretarial, and secretarial support. They report directly to the principal. CSOs are usually military veterans with extensive technical skills and often with backgrounds in sensitive area of law.

What is an FBI criminal investigator? Federal investigators are employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). They are responsible for investigating crimes, either public or private, involving national significance, international or transnational, and are authorized to investigate within U.S. jurisdiction. They investigate cases involving financial or non-financial crimes. The FBI agents investigate murder, kidnapping, fraud, meth labs, pornography, theft, identity theft, cyber crimes, kidnapping, car jacking and any other criminal acts that involve international or trans-national criminal elements.

What is a corporate security officer? A corporate security officer (CSO) is an agent of a law firm, defense contractor or insurer who provides secretarial, administrative support, in connection with a criminal defense attorney. They report directly to the principal.

What is a private detective? A private detective (PD) is an employee of a privately owned detective shop. They perform investigations for their private law firm, government agencies, insurance companies and the like. They also may act as agents of defense attorneys in complex criminal defense cases.