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A private investigator, an individual private investigator, or investigation agent, is someone who can be employed by people, companies or NGOs to undertake investigative services. Private investigators most often work for lawyers in criminal and civil matters. They can be called upon to undertake investigations on behalf of their clients. They are also called upon to serve as undercover agents and spies. They may go to places where regular detectives and police officers cannot go such as prisons, corporations, multinational companies and the like. Most investigators start their careers off as private security consultants.

A variety of surveillance techniques are employed by private investigators. These include secretly recording conversations or watching people without their knowledge and consent. They are also known to install GPS tracking systems in cars and other vehicles. Such surveillance techniques are being used by many law enforcement agencies for investigations into missing people and unlawful activities. Private surveillance has also been used to monitor activity at large events such as political demonstrations and large gatherings.

Many private investigators offer different types of surveillance and investigations. These range from corporate identity theft to employee background checks and financial crimes. Corporate and financial crimes are very prevalent nowadays and many corporate executives are under constant threat of such offenses. By hiring private detectives, the company can ensure that its employees are performing appropriately and there is no rampant corruption in the company.

Most private investigators may work independently, but many also have contracts with large corporations and government agencies. In case of any legal questions, the employer of the employee will need to know about it. This is to protect both the corporation and the employee. The private investigator will do background checks and help in developing trust between employers and employees. In order for private investigation to work, one needs to have good contacts and this is achieved through networking.

Another type of surveillance done by private investigators is surveillance on social media sites. This is done in order to gather information about a particular individual’s friends or followers. This could be crucial in finding out whether one’s acquaintances are having an affair, and it may also be done to prevent any potential cases of abuse on social media.

In addition to corporate and financial crimes, there are other types of offenses that may require investigation by a licensed private investigator. The most common is criminal activity such as sexual abuse or pedophilia. Sexual abuse is a sensitive field and requires comprehensive investigation to catch the perpetrator and to establish if there is any way to prevent such incidents from occurring. Pedophilia, on the other hand, is not as easy to detect and investigate as sexual abuse and requires extensive research.

One reason why many private investigators work with the police is because of cross-departmental communication. With law enforcement, every agency has its own specialized employees. This means that any tips or leads that come from a tipster will go to the appropriate law enforcement officials before being passed on to the FBI or other relevant authorities.

Private investigators hired by the police are often very quick to make contact with people they suspect of wrongdoing. There are times when the case may not proceed to criminal proceedings because of lack of evidence. In those instances, the private investigator can help ease the investigation by providing valuable information that may lead to the solving of the case. This is especially true when a private investigator is hired to conduct secret investigations that the police cannot afford to do themselves.