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“How can a Defense Attorney help me?” is the most common question among persons charged with criminal charges. In my many years of practicing, this question is among the top ones that I get asked. The answer varies with each client. Depending on the nature and severity of the charges facing the client, some may not require much effort on their part to answer. Others, though, have much more complex issues to deal with.

how can a defense investigator help me

The simple answer is that a good defense investigator will do whatever is needed to fully investigate the case and help their client win his or her case. The difficult answer, though, is not so simple. The simple answer is that a defense investigator’s job is to look into all of the facts of a case, gather intelligence, and prepare their client for his or her defense. The difficult answer is that there are other issues to be considered besides gathering intelligence and preparing the case.

First and foremost, as their client’s representative, they have to be privy to the details of the case. This includes knowing every detail of the individual being charged with the crime. Often times, it is easy to ask how a certain fact relates to the crime. However, having the ability to ask questions in regard to any fact that a client feels could shed light on the case is often not as easy.

That is where the questions come in. Being able to probe into the case and finding out what really took place is critical. As their client’s representative, they must be privy to all the information. Not only that, but they also must know how to ask questions, and how to find the answers they are seeking.

The investigator does more than just get information. To be an effective investigator, he or she must be emotionally connected to the person charged. Empathy comes in handy when it comes to getting a client’s side of the story across. In turn, the investigator must be able to put themselves in the shoes of the defendant. If this isn’t the case, then all the work done will be fruitless.

On many cases, an investigator may be asked to find secret evidence or take a secret picture or video tape. The job takes a lot of planning and know-how to pull it off. The investigator must also be very creative and resourceful. Sometimes a client will request specific kinds of questioning or data in order to build their case. For example, if there is a suspect that has committed multiple crimes, the investigator may need to dig deeper into the criminal background of the individual in order to prove their innocence.

These days, there are several different types of investigators. Some specialize in complex crimes or white collar crimes, while others specialize in more direct, bread-and-butter jobs. Whatever the case, the investigator must make sure that they come across as being professional at all times. This means not only looking the client in the eye, but sounding like they have their facts straight. Remember, the goal is to prove guilt, not to prove the innocence.

How can a defense investigator help me is a good question to ask, especially if you are involved in a criminal case and are facing some tough questions. Regardless of the nature of your case, an investigator can make the whole process run much more smoothly. The best part about hiring an investigator is that they already know how a courtroom works. In other words, they are experts at uncovering hidden information that a prosecutor might miss. Their goal is to keep their client’s side of the story alive long past the trial. In some cases, the investigator will actually make phone calls and visit the potential victim in jail to set up interviews with the two-time fugitive.