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A Private Investigator is an expert in obtaining evidence to use as leverage, such as in child custody battles or protecting your business interests. This can include computer fraud, identity theft, harassment and many more areas of public protection. Private Investigators are also very useful to protect children. These Investigators specialize in surveillance and investigations. Let’s explore what does a private investigator do.

They are specialized in obtaining personal information about a person or an individual, such as background checks, financial records, and marriage/divorce records. Their job is to gather information that is not available any other way. This information can include; criminal records, tax records, bankruptcies, liens, birth/death records, and more. The use of a private investigator can uncover any wrong doing and can sometimes save you from a horrible situation, such as being molested by the brother of a friend, being the victim of stolen identities, or being the victim of sex trafficking.

Now, for many private investigators, their services are not restricted to one area; they will also do background investigation and corporate identity theft, as well as white collar crime and fraud. Now, for those of you who may be thinking, background investigation and corporate identity theft; you are thinking of what does a good private investigator do? How can they possibly accomplish this task? Well there are many things that are done by Private Investigators.

Background investigation can be completed for a number of reasons. In the case of missing persons; the FBI and other law enforcement agencies perform this task. Many times when a missing person report is broadcast on tv, it is often followed by a tip line that is then left open for anyone who may have information on where the missing person is, to call and hopefully lead them back to the family. In the case of corporate identity theft; private investigators are often hired to investigate and assist the corporations that have been the victim of such crimes.

There are many companies that use private investigators in conducting their own internal and external investigative programs. The employers use private investigators to run background checks and provide references for new employees. And in the case of corporate identity theft, private investigators are often hired to conduct surveillance and corporate records searches, as well as conducting internal verification to ensure the corporation is not being used for personal gain. In many cases, a corporate investigator will go so far as to obtain a warrant from a judge to conduct surveillance on a target if there is reason to believe that the corporation is being used for improper purposes.

If you are an employer who is interested in conducting your own internal background checks, you should contact several private investigators to determine which agency will best suit your needs. Some investigators specialize in only corporate, background check, or surveillance work while others specialize in domestic/particular countries or specific industries. For example, a good private investigators may only be able to help you if you have a need to perform criminal record searches, or employment verification. On the other hand, a good investigator will be able to help you with any area of investigation.

When hiring a private investigator to assist you in your investigation, you should know what the total costs will be up front before you contract them. This will help you to avoid overspending and will give you a better idea of what you can expect to receive as compensation. Private investigators can either charge per hour of research or a flat fee for the entire project. Some agencies will require you to provide them with a certain number of phone interviews and/or background investigations prior to getting paid for the total cost of the project. In some cases, you may need to provide your credit card information or sign non-disclosure agreements. You may also be required to provide financial statements or sometimes even get yourself put under surveillance.

As you may have guessed, being a private investigator entails a lot of surveillance. In many instances, they are hired to track down individuals who have committed crimes such as murder. They can also be hired to locate missing persons, look into business concerns, and monitor the assets of employees and corporations. In many cases, private investigators use hidden cameras to obtain images on customers and employees without them knowing. These actions are known as covert surveillance and are perfectly legal.