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We provide our clients with Private Investigator services they can count on. As former state and federal law enforcement officers, we understand how to put together a winning case. Regardless of the type of investigation, we will help you gather the evidence you need to win. We are Your Orlando Investigators.


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Orlando private investigators

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Orlando private investigators

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MAITLAND Missing Person Investigators

Orlando private investigators

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Orlando private investigators

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MAITLAND Divorce Investigators

Orlando private investigators

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Orlando private investigators

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Our Maitland Private Investigators have over 30 years of combined experience working in investigations.


We are fully licensed and insured by the State of Florida to provide investigative services.


We adhere to a strict ethical code and believe in building a relationship built on honesty and integrity

Your Maitland Private Investigator Services

Maitland Criminal Defense Investigators

Our Maitland Private Investigators have the training and experience in Criminal Defense Investigations to help uncover the evidence you need to win. If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime let us help make sure your story is told. As former state and federal law enforcement we understand the criminal justice system and know what it takes to win.

Maitland Surveillance Investigators

We have the expertise and high-tech equipment to get you the photo and video evidence you need. All our evidence is obtained using standard evidence collection procedures and is date and time stamped so it can be introduced in court. Our Surveillance investigators in Maitland have the training to obtain the evidence you need. If you need an Insurance Defense Surveillance Investigator or a cheating spouse surveillance investigator we are here to help.

Maitland Divorce Investigators

Our Maitland Divorce Investigators understand how emotional and delicate these case can be. Whether its for a divorce case or an infidelity case, all of our divorce investigations are handled with privacy and care. From surveillance to background checks and bank asset searches our Divorce Investigators In Maitland can help you uncover the evidence you need.

Maitland Cyber Investigators

Due to our background in Digital Forensics we can help you solve even the most complex cyber cases. Our Maitland Cyber investigation services include: social media stalking, social media investigations, identify theft, fraud, email hacking, cyber stalking, cyber breaches and dark web investigations. If you need a Cyber Investigator in Maitland , FL contact us today for a free consultation.

Maitland Missing Person Investigators

Nothing can be more stressful than not knowing if your loved one is safe and where they are. As former law enforcement missing person investigators we understand the challenges to these cases. We have the training and experience to help you locate your loved ones. If you need a missing person investigator in Maitland contact us for a free consultation.

Maitland Corporate Investigators

If you suspect an employee has violated an acceptable use policy, is stealing from you or need an employment background check we can help. We provide a full range of corporate investigations for small and medium sized businesses. If you need a corporate investigator in Maitland contact us for a free consultation.

Maitland Cheating Spouse Investigators

Our Maitland cheating spouse Investigators understand how emotional and delicate these cases can be. If you suspect your significant other is not being faithful we can help you get the closure you deserve. Whether it’s for a divorce case, an infidelity case, or peace of mind, all of our cheating spouse investigators are trained to handle your case with privacy and care. From surveillance to background checks and bank, asset searches our cheating spouse Investigators In Maitland can help you uncover the evidence you need.

Maitland Background Check Investigators

If you need a background check in Maitland we can help. From pre-employment investigations, tenant background screenings to annual reviews. We have access to specialized databases which we can use to uncover valuable and hidden information about the person. If you need a background check in Maitland contact us for a free consultation.


How to hire a Private Investigators in Maitland , FL

If you are looking to hire a Maitland Private Investigator your probably not having the best day. People will usually hire Private Investigators to help them uncover if someone is being unfaithful or as part of a divorce or criminal defense case. It can be a very stressful time in your life and there are usually hundreds of investigators to choose from. The hiring of a Private Investigator can also be very costly with most retainers ranging from $1,500 up to $5,000 depending on the scope of your case. We have taken some of the stress out of it for you and broken the process down into several easy steps

  1. Research- Use your favorite search engine to look for local Private Investigators. Find one close to your area and then carefully review there website to make sure they provide the services you need. See if they have a Google or Yelp listing with public reviews. Read as many reviews as you can, specifically related to the services you need. Review the state licensing board to make sure the business is licensed.
  2. Engage- After reading all the reviews and making sure they are licensed by the State you have decided on an Investigator. Make contact with them via phone or web, ask if they have Free consultations, and schedule one if they do. We always recommend meeting face to face when possible as its more personal. Meet them to get a feel for there personality to make sure they are a good fit. Ask them about there qualifications, experience and background with the type of case service you need. Ask them for references and how there payment structure works. Also, ask them how long they think it will take to resolve your matter.
  3. Hire- So you have met with a few Investigators in your area and decided on the one you want to hire. First, ask for a written agreement that outlines all the terms. Review the wording on payment terms and warranty of services carefully. If you are not sure about something in the agreement ask questions or for modifications. Getting everything in writing.
  4. Have them start working on your case, ask them for weekly or biweekly updates, this will depend on the specifics of your case. Ask then to contact you right away with any critical case updates.
  5. Get a report when the case is completed which details the evidence they found and what they did.
  6. We hope you never need to hire a Private Investigator but if you do we are available to answer any questions you have at YourOrlandoInvestigators.Com

How much does it cost to hire a Private Investigator in Maitland , FL

 So what does it really cost to hire a Professional Private Investigator in Maitland , FL?  At YourOrlandoInvestigators.Com we have flat rate fees and  bundle services together so the client gets the most value for there  money. All our fees are transparent with no secondary costs. We have 4  different payment options available to make hiring a Private  Investigator in Orlando reasonable for anyone in need as well as several discounts  running at any given time. We even bundle in some Free services. But we  get one questions above all others and that’s whats the price? How much  is it going to cost me to hire an Maitland , FL Private Investigator, whats the bottom  line or at least give me a ballpark figure? According to several  articles and studies there is no straight answer to this question. It  can be very case specific but most Private Investigators are licensed  professionals with hundreds of hours of training under their belts. But  unlike plumbers or mechanics Private Investigators are often called to  testify in legal proceedings as expert witnesses on your case and are  more akin to attorneys than other professional service providers. Like  any other professional service the hourly rate can vary significantly  anywhere from 60-$200 a hour. This can vary based on case type and area,  what it costs in Montana will be drastically different than what it  costs in NYC (which is about $200 or more a hour). You also need to be  prepared to pay a retainer up front for a specific amount of hours as  this is how 99% of investigative agencies work much like law firms. Most  retainers start around $1,500 and its not uncommon to see them as high  as $5,000 depending on your case. The national average seems to be  around $2,500-$3,000 This is for complex cases like criminal defense  investigations which involve reviewing discovery, formulating opinions,  interviewing witnesses,going to criminal court. Infidelity/cheating  spouse cases involving ongoing surveillance and photo video  documentation, cell phone forensics and going to family court, child  custody investigations, cyber investigations, missing person and cold  case investigations. Its not for flat rate services like a background  check, bug sweep or service of process. You should also be prepared to  pay for secondary costs like sales tax and mileage as well as courtroom  testimony. Review your retainer agreement carefully and also get copy of  the investigators state license! We encourage anyone looking to hire a  Private Investigator to do there own research into the average costs so  you have an understanding of what you can expect to pay.